Heartwood Montessori

Heartwood Montessori

Offering a Montessori education to children ages 1 - 12, in partnership with the Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies (SIMS)

About Us


What is Montessori?

Children enter the world filled with curiosity, driven by what Maria Montessori called an "inner teacher" to learn and grow and thrive, in a natural, joyful process of self-discovery. Rather than fighting human nature, Montessori education embraces and elevates the child’s natural tendencies, enhancing the child’s innate desire to learn and gain independence. 


Our Mission

 We are a nonprofit private Montessori school, with a mission to nurture a culturally diverse community by providing access to all families seeking an authentic AMI Montessori program, for the benefit of all children, by cultivating their natural capacities, capabilities and talents.   


Now Accepting Applications

Heartwood Montessori will be opening August 2019 for ages 15 months through age 12. Construction is currently underway on our new shared campus with SIMS. We look forward to working closely with the Mesa community and local nonprofit organizations to provide an authentic AMI program for all families seeking one. 

*Full Scholarships Available to Qualifying Families

2019-2020 Enrollment


If you are interested in enrolling your student(s) for our 2019-2020 school year, please contact us at info@heartwoodaz.org

Montessori Teacher Training


Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies (SIMS) is an AMI affiliated  nonprofit organization offering Montessori Training at the A to I, Primary, and Elementary levels. 

Information Sessions


Join us to learn more about our vision, the upcoming school year, meet the Heartwood team, and visit a Montessori environment. 

Contact Us


(480) 599-0137

Heartwood Montessori

445 W. 5th Pl. Mesa, AZ 85201

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