Quail Update

Dear Quail Parents, 

Welcome to our classroom’s monthly updates. It will include pictures of the children in the different areas of the environment and  highlight their work, concentration and care of the materials. This is also an opportunity to provide a brief explanation of Dr. Montessori’s method and philosophy behind each work. 

For two weeks this month, we welcomed Ms. Emily from SIMS Training Center to complete her Practice Teaching. Ms. Emily was able to interact with the children in the classroom and give many lessons. 

The children have been going to the playground and even when the weather is beautiful, we ask them to wear their coats, sweaters, or jackets. This also gives them a chance to practice how to zip, button up and hang their jackets. 

Please save the date for our first Montessori Journey and Discovery on February 22nd. A great opportunity to experience and interact with the materials in the same way your children do. 

In our next classroom meeting we will be talking about The Mathematical Mind.

The Montessori philosophy believes that “All babies are born with mathematical minds, that is, they have a propensity to learn things which enhance their ability to be exact and orderly, to observe, compare, and classify. Humans naturally tend to calculate, measure, reason, abstract, imagine and create. But this vital part of intelligence must be given help and direction for it to develop and function. If mathematics is not part of the young child's experience, his subconscious mind will not be accepting of it at a later date.” (Excerpt from: Montessori Glossary | Association Montessori Internationale. Ami-global.org. Web. 7 Aug. 2016.) 

Ms. Pily and Ms. Irasema