Mockingbird Update

Dear Mockingbird Families, 

We had two new friends join our community this month. We welcomed Julian and Savannah. They are twin brother and sister. We are excited to keep our toddler community growing. With the excitement of new friends comes the reminders and practice of our Grace and Courtesy. We focus on how to say: “please and thank you,” “excuse me,” “bless you,” “my turn, your turn,” “more water,"  and “more milk.” These are a few of the frequent language phrases we use with this age group. 


For the month of February, we are finishing up our yogurt with granola and strawberries. It has been a huge hit and the children love it. Some of them have licked their bowls clean and have asked for seconds. We will also be changing our snack towards the end of the month to mini bagels, cream cheese and blueberries. The children will have the choice to toast their bagel and practice spreading the cream cheese. 

Food Preparation 

We have practiced a variety of food works these last couple months in preparation for baking in the future. Toddlers are drawn to food and love “cooking” just like they see us adults do at home. It calls to their attention and helps with fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination, concentration, following a sequence of steps, and the added bonus of eating the finished product. Some of our Food Preparation Lessons that we have out at the moment are clementine peeling and strawberry cutting/slicing. We have had banana peeling/cutting, vegetable washing, and cheese cutting. 

Self Care-Independence 

As we transition into underwear and continue with learning how to dress and undress, a lot of our time is spent in the bathroom. The joy of learning how to take off your socks and shoes is a real excitement.What comes after is the not so fun part of having to put them back on by yourself. We are here to support them as they learn this important life skill. Dressing and undressing is a big part of their day and a very fascinating skill to master. With your continued help at home, we will both guide them towards their independence. It is important that at home they are given the time and space to try and dress themselves. A little struggle and frustration on their part is ok and needed. 

You will sometimes notice as you pick up your child from class that their shoes might be on the wrong foot, their pants are on backwards or even inside out. This is a great indicator that they independently dressed themselves. We do not correct or call attention to this fact. The face of joy and the way they feel so proud of themselves is heartwarming and we do not want to rob that away from them. When it is time to change again, we re-show how to dress accordingly, but we never correct. 

Here are some of the things you can practice at home in having them try by themselves: 

· Taking shoes off-putting them back on 

· Taking socks off-putting them back on 

· Pushing down pants/skirt 

· Pulling up pants-skirt 

· Taking underwear off 

· Putting underwear on, one leg in each hole 

 We show them where the tag is as an indicator that is the big hole they want to start with.

Ms. Wendy and Ms. Carolina


- Maria Montessori