Coyote Updates

Dear Parents, 

The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade was a success! We thank you all for participating and helping out. We want to thank all the parents who came out to support our school! The students worked very hard on their posters and school banner! They enjoyed being a part of their community and participating in the parade. 

During the month of January, we have slowly brought in animals to our environment. The children had the opportunity to go out and purchase the animals. They will also gain experience caring for the animals throughout the school year. We have two blue parakeets, Blueberry and Patchie and a dwarf hamster, named Snowball. 

This past month we have also gone out to the library, PetSmart, and the Phoenix Zoo! Some of the children have been researching the ecosystem and animals. This was an opportunity for them to go out and gain more information for their research and some were inspired to do more research! The children have also been working on their practical life skills all year! Below is a group of upper elementary students who made pizza for a recent birthday. 

We have also scheduled our very first walking field trip! We will be going to the i.d.e.a. Museum on February 19th. We will be walking over in the morning and will ask parents to pack a sack lunch (easily disposable) since we will be eating lunch at the museum. Permission slips will go out soon so please be on the lookout! 

Winter Clothes 

As the weather has changed and our mornings are cold, we understand the need of using heavy jackets in the morning. However, your child will be asked to take the jacket off when entering the classroom. Our classrooms are heated and they will not be cold inside. Please avoid using sweaters as shirts as they become an obstacle for your child's movement when they work in the classroom. We kindly request that the children wear a light long sleeve shirt or warmers under their sweaters/jackets/coats and please make sure the sleeves are not too tight as they will need to pull them up when washing their hands or working with water. The long sleeve shirts can either be solid white or solid black. 


Ms. Shiragi & Mr. Mario